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Since all of the human counterparts are visiting Equestria and getting used to their new home with their Pony Counterparts, it turned out that some creatures could be less friendly and such stiffs. Like Gilda for instincts, lets say that she and other creatures of Equestria would have a strong hatred towards humans, thinking that they are savages who would hunt creatures for sport.

When human Fluttershy bumped into Gilda, let's say she didn't take it kindly as she immediately swiped her claws at her, leaving her left cheek brutally scratched. Upon seeing Gilda's hatred and the way she treated Human Fluttershy, Pony Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Human Rainbow Dash were now ticked off, because nopony treats an innocent and kind being like that and gets away with it.

If you would like to share a dialogue in this, be my guest.


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