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Cutie finished)Tried the shadows only to draw and then color in Persian and say, nehrenovo it happened)I’m happy) Yes, she turned out great, because the put suitable colors to the background)
safe1765961 artist:php97217 autumn blaze4051 kirin9420 awwtumn blaze759 blushing206763 cheek fluff6080 cloven hooves10708 cute207522 daaaaaaaaaaaw4761 ear fluff32034 featured image916 female1415246 happy32508 leonine tail9340 looking at you177944 open mouth157369 plushie24967 smiling265539 solo1105591 sweet dreams fuel1683 teddy bear1425 weapons-grade cute3792 wholesome536


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“Thanks for the present Daddy; I love it!”  
Human Dad: “You’re welcome, sweetheart! You deserve it!”