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So I saw this Chrysalis and all I could think about was that goddamn knife cat picture and then this happened
safe1750416 artist:evomanaphy876 queen chrysalis35468 changeling49810 changeling queen17720 anthro269562 frenemies (episode)1621 amused444 arrogant74 blade231 breasts288688 busty queen chrysalis3812 cleavage35637 clothes475965 crown17957 eyeshadow16567 fangs26687 female1401791 floppy ears54498 former queen chrysalis330 jewelry68204 knife5486 knife cat46 lidded eyes31789 looking at you175679 makeup22813 meme83369 ponified animal photo648 raised eyebrow6687 regalia21140 smiling260906 smirk13018 smug6259 solo1094331 threat417


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