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An updated version of my old Alignment Chart, Links to the artworks below.  
SH:>>1483111 (deleted)  
X:>>1481123 (deleted)  
(Tell me if I got any of the links incorrect).
safe1767234 derpy hooves50983 fluttershy218801 trixie69136 oc720537 oc:autumn leaf50 oc:blackjack2741 oc:boo105 oc:brimstone blitz31 oc:calamity724 oc:deus46 oc:gawdyna grimfeathers35 oc:henrietta firebright16 oc:homage415 oc:littlepip4218 oc:morning glory (project horizons)475 oc:murky296 oc:p-21294 oc:protege45 oc:psychoshy74 oc:puppysmiles282 oc:rampage285 oc:red eye156 oc:steelhooves255 oc:velvet remedy1137 oc:xenith158 alicorn235670 earth pony273308 pegasus315451 pony1027140 unicorn349428 zebra18586 fallout equestria17739 fallout equestria: project horizons3222 alignment chart57 applejack's rangers103 armor24662 clothes481682 enclave462 fanfic10608 fanfic art15067 female1416371 filly70705 foal15848 glowing horn20887 gun16493 handgun2893 hazmat suit410 hooves18400 horn80321 levitation12742 little macintosh560 looking at you178132 magic76235 male393230 mare509705 ministry mares329 ministry of peace73 open mouth157678 optical sight955 pipbuck3643 poster5544 power armor1212 propaganda810 raider811 revolver1646 scope249 singing6620 stallion118177 steel ranger321 telekinesis29117 text63117 vault suit3667 weapon31762 wings126262


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You are your worst enemy
@infinita est lux Solis  
Maybe your version of “lawful” is different from mine, but as far as I know a lawful character subordinates themselves to a basic moral law as well as the law of the land. We don’t usually go on murderous rampages after we find out “someone” did something “bad” because we recognize that we don’t have all the info and for what we know we could be condemning the wrong person before we’ve had the chance to examine everything with a cool head (which this chick clearly did not have at the time of her killing spree) and present our case before a neutral entity. The saying goes “It is better that 10 guilty men walk free than one innocent be wrongly punished”. That Little Chick? She’s bat-you-know-what insane.
Serving Spoon

Again, is Rampage really Neutral anything? She may have begun the story as neutral party but chose to side with Blackjack and became one of her closest friends and allies.
This is why I don’t fully understand Alignments for RPG characters. A person is not typically always good or always evil.
Rampage was a killer, but she found friendship and loyalty. She later betrayed them, but could not carry out the will of Cognitium to murder Blackjack. She was welcomed back into the fold. And ultimately she sacrificed herself and doomed her self to 200years of suffering on the Moon just so Blackjack and Scotch could back home safe. She could have stayed behind with P-21 and died when Horizons fired. There’s nothing neutral about that!
In the end Rampage showed true courage and heroism. Twist would be proud of her little girl.
Buuut maybe I’m just VERY biased and just don’t understand these alignment charts.
infinita est lux Solis
Artist -

Heretical Inquisitor
True… But, I don’t know if you’ve reread FO:E recently, I have, and I remember Pip trying to spare as many as she could, mostly the children. Still, if I were in her possession, I would have informed the rest of my friends, and formed ourselves into an Arbu Inquisition, breaking into homes during the night, taking the Arbu ponies captive, and interrogating them, marking the ones who confessed to knowing cannibalism for a public execution.

@infinita est lux Solis  
Normally when it comes to the guilty yes, but the fact remains she killed a bunch of innocent ponies as well. Its possible.5hat most of the town was cannibals yes, but its equally possible that it was a small percent, or that very few ponies KNEW they were eating pony. There is a difference between eating your kind willingly, and enjoying a sandwich that your familly made you.

@Train Dodger  
Pip killed off an ENTIRE TOWN including genuinly innocent ponies because Some of them were cannibals. It was so bad that ONE child surviver was more scared of Pip than the monsters actually trying to kill her. [Leading to the child then getting vaporized.]  
I understand why Pip totally lost it, but the fact remains that because of some of the town the ENTIRE Town was obliterated.
infinita est lux Solis
Artist -

Heretical Inquisitor
It’s been a while since I’ve read murky, and I didn’t even finish it… I forget where I left off, so whenever I get around to finishing it, I’ll just start from the beginning again, although I remember him being very neutral in the early chapters.

Ante Up
Ok, this one is much better even if I could point at someone like Murky who should totally be on the good side, especially in later chapters of his story.
infinita est lux Solis
Artist -

Heretical Inquisitor
@Train Dodger  
Regarding Littlepip… It’s mostly because in my previous version of this, I got yelled at for putting Pip in Lawful Good, most people pointed out that while her goal was Lawful, her methods were more chaotic… I was originally going to do the same here, but I didn’t want to be yelled at again. As for Deus, it mostly comes down to the way I interpret the Alignments, although in hindsight, I should have swapped him and the Raiders.

Deus is a nasty bad guy, but I’ve never really thought of him as “Chaotic Evil”. Chaotic Evil is literally the cackling mad scientist archetype. Like, a necromancer or cultist who raises armies of the dead just because. Someone who’s criminally insane and cannot be reasoned with. If anything, Deus is the very portrait of a Neutral Evil character. He can be negotiated with. He has a price and can be bought or bribed. He’s a very, very nasty thug, but he’s not completely irrational.
Blackjack’s alignment varies from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral. Littlepip should be way, way closer to Lawful, if anything. Her methods are often questionable, but her overall intentions are of the generic lawful good or neutral good variety. Both Littlepip and Blackjack are obsessed with imposing their morals on others; they are fanatics. The difference is that Littlepip’s idea of a good society is a plain, typical modern civilization with rule of law, and Blackjack’s idea of a good society is one with free sex and free booze. There is an Apollonian/Dionysian dichotomy between them.