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safe1753973 artist:mirroredsea536 princess luna100883 alicorn233431 pony1013629 cloak4452 clothes477014 cute206089 eyes closed98457 female1404811 filly69840 gradient background13467 gray background7713 lunabetes3639 missing accessory8389 parka132 poncho207 puddle983 rain6266 raincoat266 raised hoof48550 raised leg8095 s1 luna7416 see-through5375 simple background410262 smiling262139 solo1096565 sweet dreams fuel1673 walking4948 woona5105 younger17797


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aka Summersong
“Luna, you look ridiculous.”
Silence, sister. This “plastic” is a marvelous invention. Never before have We worn utterly waterproof garments… other than that made of metal, at least.
“It’s see-through. You look even nakeder than when you have nothing on at all.”
Oh be quiet sister! One does not go blind gazing upon the moon as one does the sun. Our serene glory shall not be repressed!
“Ugh, fine, whatever.”