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Happy Mother’s Day.
A hypothetical future Mother’s Day, Mac got up early along with his and Fluttershy’s children to help them prepare breakfast in bed for their mother.
The colt in the back is the oldest, but he got up late so that’s why he’s just bringing a glass of orange juice. None of the children have names, although “Late Riser” and “40 Winks” popped into my head while I was working on him.

safe2155516 anonymous artist4840 big macintosh33320 fluttershy256228 oc936938 oc:apple flutter14 oc:apple sorbet15 oc:crabapple cider12 oc:late riser118 oc:pink lemonade33 oc:pink pearl apple12 oc:summer breeze319 unnamed oc3349 earth pony438342 pegasus488446 pony1583460 series:fm holidays343 g42008450 baby16401 baby pony9265 bags under eyes3098 bed56866 blank flank9827 bread2034 breakfast469 breakfast in bed56 colt20340 egg5321 facial hair9921 family5674 female1782402 filly96313 fluttershy's cottage2142 food100058 freckles43038 fried egg74 hat122767 hay1967 head carry30 jam268 juice1837 lineless5498 male543525 maple syrup128 mother's day678 moustache3882 nightcap860 no pupils5706 offspring49862 older39572 older big macintosh81 older fluttermac13 older fluttershy1061 orange juice187 pancakes1719 parent:big macintosh4181 parent:fluttershy6463 parents:fluttermac1868 pregnant16661 ship:fluttermac3951 shipping251424 straight176794 toast521 tongue out145056 tooth gap328


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~Pays to squish yo bed~
Fluttrshy’s cottage must be a small manor by now with all those children! xD  
I’m sure Big Mac was more than happy to build the additions as well. ^^