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A oc collab I done with anyazenadopts
She done the lineart and I colored :3

Meet Sea Metal and Strawberry Slices :3

Sea Metal is a cyborg that acts like a over the top pirate captain X)
She likes to raid other ponies ships and steal all their goods, and also likes to pimp out her cybernetics with the loot she stole.

Strawberry Slices is a ninja, who was blinded at a young age. However, her other senses increased, and she can now "see" the world despite being blind.
She is trained in different types of martial arts and weapon styles, and in the art of stealth. As her secret identity, she works at a smoothie shop, cutting up fruit and turning them into different drinks and smoothies.
safe1613874 artist:anyazenadopts7 artist:icey-wicey-1517730 color edit7292 edit122939 oc625876 oc only417633 oc:sea metal1 oc:strawberry slices1 bat pony44851 cyborg3502 pegasus256691 pony881483 amputee4367 blind894 blindfold4097 collaboration4980 colored18256 female1284625 food64156 hairclip983 hoof wraps118 mare438830 mask5858 multicolored hair4785 ninja775 outfit1236 prosthetic limb2712 prosthetics3120 simple background360459 strawberry862 tail wrap6082 tape1248 transparent background186727


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