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Artist's Description:

full-size images, psd and other things are now available for everyone!

you can download them using this link:…
safe1678960 artist:mirroredsea518 rarity179343 pony941430 unicorn311953 alternate hairstyle27463 beautiful5431 cute195676 female1338354 lidded eyes29878 looking at you163542 lying down15549 mare467611 no pupils3906 pretty734 prone25026 raribetes5263 scenery7871 smiling240943 solo1045268 wet7855 wet mane5118 wet mane rarity815


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Artist -

I think you meant to reply to me. Sometimes when you mix two tasty flavors together, you get an even tastier flavor, hence the popularity of "adorasexy". Not to mention combo tags convey a little more personality.

You vex me: what need for combination tags like those? Why not, "adorable," "sexy," and, "beautiful?" None are mutually exclusive, but neither are they amplified when combined.
Artist -

I would add the "adorabeautiful" tag, but for some reason it's been merged with the "adorasexy" tag along with "adorabeautisexy", even though "beautiful" and "sexy" are two different qualities.

At any rate, Rarity here sure is adorabeautiful. ♥