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An adorable request for NaughtyPony2010 featuring Nekokevin’s oc, Blue Flame and her charming little plush of Starlight Glimmer. Hmmm… given that there is a ton of fabric all over the place and a sewing machine ~ could she have made the doll herself? Aaaaawww so cute X3
safe (1411751)artist:takaneko13 (234)starlight glimmer (37252)oc (517393)oc:blue flame (21):> (302)chair (4826)cute (144957)desk (2372)doll (5358)fabric (505)female (745289)heart (37317)lying down (7709)mare (326723)on back (19795)pegasus (182967)plushie (19522)pony (676733)sewing machine (447)speech bubble (16173)spread wings (40270)toy (19318)unicorn (197013)wings (51187)

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