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Background Pony #41F8
She’s a lot like my mother… I can relate to Melody a lot. I will never forgive my mother after everything she did.
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Mary K is back!

Nobody knows when any of Sonata's kids have died (with the exception of Dolly Dusk).

That's actually really creepy.
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So what we learn from this is Sonata is and always has been a childish cunt rag. Nice…Grabs the shotgun Time to put a bitch down everypony.
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Background Pony #9FBC
"Silent Hill." Figures. I kind of hope that, the apparent purpose of that town in mind, Sonata one day has karma finally catch up to her and has to either confront her sins or die horribly.

I know that would require the comic/story/thing to go into grimdark territory, but it seems like they all do that anyway if they go on long enough. :/
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Nah. Melody and Throw were good children that had horrific childhoods.

Silent was bred to be a psychopath and probably the only legit piece of shit.

Dolly seems to be a sweet girl, but you never know.
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Background Pony #9589
Silent Hill aka “Jack the Ripper” (????-????):

Silent Hill was a child Sonata intended to have, having finally found a human who she felt understood her and made her happy to be with. This human turned out to be a child of the Immortal Hunters, an organization dedicated to hunting down and killing the sirens. He wasn’t officially one of them and didn’t even realize Sonata was one of the sirens they were hunting, but the resulting drama that ensued saw the Hunters killing the father and chased the sirens out to London.

Sonata gave birth to a healthy baby girl and for once, actually cared for the child that reminded her of the human she had lost. She still had no idea how to care for a baby, so Adagio and Aria took care of most of the hard stuff, but things seemed to be fine considering Sonata was actually trying to raise the child.

However, Sonata never let go of her desire to kill the humans that had killed the father of her child, and Adagio and Aria never wanted to fight the Hunters directly. So once Silent was old enough, she used her siren magic to implant some of her magic into Silent, and start training her to become her weapon against the Hunters.

With the sirens not caring about human life in general, it only made sense to train her child by killing adults for practice. Sonata first had Silent train in a morgue to understand the human body, followed by teaching her how to hunt animals, which then led to Silent’s first kill. It was sloppy and poorly executed, but it got the job done and Sonata was thrilled at the success.

After several kills, London was thrown into a panic over the murders that they said were done by “Jack the Ripper”. Adagio and Aria soon caught wind of Sonata’s plan and were furious with her compromising the security of their hide out. Adagio decided the best thing to do now was to just leave everything behind and try and start fresh, and that Sonata was banned from having kids ever again.

The three of them moved to America and left Silent behind. What exactly happened to the child remained a mystery, both to them and the world, as no one knows for certain what happened to 'Jack the Ripper’.

Dolce “Dolly” Dusk (2012-????):

Dolly wasn’t a planned child, as Sonata had been careful to avoid it happening following the ban, and any pregnancy that did crop up had been terminated. However, Sonata had been unknowingly pregnant for a few weeks when the Battle of the Bands began, and when the sirens lost their magic as a result, the sirens had fallen into a spiral of despair.

Fear over possibly dying and how to spend the last moments of their life consumed their thoughts, so Sonata decided to spend them with Neighsay in an extended vacation.
It became very obvious within a few months that Sonata was pregnant with his child, and when she mentioned this to him he said that she should keep the child. Sonata told him that it was a bad idea and that she was bad with kids, but that since he was the father he would take responsibility for the baby. As a result Sonata stayed with Neighsay until Dolly was born, and agreed to let Neighsay care for the kid.

Dolly grew up not knowing Sonata was her mother until she was old enough to have the situation explained to her, at which point Sonata had had minimal contact with the child as a result. Neighsay knew how Sonata felt around Dolly and as such kept contact between the two minimal, though he did his best to try and introduce Sonata into Dolly’s life in ways that would let Sonata know how happy she could be to have a child in it.
Dolly sees both Sonata and Cinch as her moms, but is aware that Cinch isn’t her bio mom. She loves her half-sister Sunny Flare, though rarely sees her Half-Brother who is the father of her niece, Primrose. Dolly loves everyone in her family, though the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

Dolly fell in love with sea life, and especially sharks, from watching Finding Nemo at a young age. Ever since she become obsessed with the subject, much to Cinch’s frustration. Cinch has introduced Dolly to many more 'elegant’ subjects, of which Ballet and Ice Skating have stuck the best with her. She also loves dolls and things people would normally find creepy which has not endeared her to having a lot of friends. Dolly likes the obscure and the weird alongside the cute and the cuddly, and this reputation has given her the moniker 'gremlin’ with certain adults.

At the end of the day, Dolly is a sweet and loving little girl who knows what she enjoys and isn’t afraid to express that. She lives her day to day excited to see the next, and she’ll certainly be able to accomplish anything she puts her mind to.
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Background Pony #9589
Melody Charm (1012-????):

Melody was originally born as a lesson to teach Sonata about the importance of family to the pack and how children will only benefit them in the long run. Adagio informed Sonata on how to have a child and hoped that having one for herself would curb some of Sonata’s childish tendencies and teach her the value of children. However, Sonata has the mind of a child herself, and was unable to reconcile the idea that children were more important than she was despite this.

As a result, Sonata never hated Melody, but she never cared about taking care of her either. Adagio and Aria defaulted to being her primary care takers, though they did so reluctantly as Sonata was the one who supposed to care for her and they had kids of their own to take care of. This resulted in Melody feeling like an outcast in her own family, that despite them saying they loved her, she was never fully sure if that was the case or not.

Her cousins were her closest family, always willing to play with her or teach her new information she didn’t know previously if they weren’t busy with their own lives. Melody constantly attempted to bond with her mothers and some days felt more successful than others. When she engaged her Mother like a child, her Mother seemed to be agitated by this and wanted to ignore her. When she tried to engage her Mother as an equal, things seemed to go better and they were able to have okay days together.

Eventually the neglect and ostracized feelings came to a boil and Melody yelled at her Mother over it. All she wanted was to know she was loved, and Sonata brushed her feelings aside. Her emotions crumbling, Melody ended up running away from home at the age of 15. All attempts to find her turned up empty, and eventually she was presumed dead. Adagio was understandably irritated at Sonata for this, but ultimately let it go as there wasn’t much anyone could do about it.

Throw Away (1386-????)

Throw Away was born as an accident, due to Sonata needing to drown her sorrows from the miserable town her and her sisters had found themselves in. The comfort of a man had led to a child, and Sonata had not wanted to keep it. Adagio, however, was adamant that they keep the child and that Sonata did not have a say in the matter. So instead of dropping the child off at an orphanage, Sonata named the child ‘Throw Away’ in rebellion against her sister.

All three of the sirens were utterly miserable in the small town they found themselves hiding out in, and their attitudes reflected that with Throw Away. Adagio and Aria had to reluctantly raise her as a baby, and Sonata was driven up the wall by the baby’s needs.

When she was old enough to start walking, Sonata started teaching her how to do chores to help around the house and be out of the way. While clumsy at first, she slowly got better at them as time went on, until she could do every chore in their small shack flawlessly.

Adagio and Aria tried to be nice to Throw when they weren’t starving, physically ill from their emotion eating, or in a bad mood from the villagers being in a bad mood. This did not leave much room for Throw to be given the love and care she needed to grow up properly. Sonata’s attitude only grew worse and worse, as the frustration and irritation of where they were living began to soak deep into her core. Soon she began to take out her pent up aggression on Throw Away when she wasn’t living up to her duties as care taker of the house.

Aria and Adagio didn’t like Sonata abusing the kid, but rarely had the energy to stop it and eventually just distanced themselves from it entirely. Throw did everything she could to keep the sirens happy, though there was only so much she could do against the veritable misery that was the town they lived in.

Eventually the stress and starvation caused Sonata to snap, and attack Throw Away in the misguided belief that she was responsible for them staying in that miserable town. Aria interfered, pulling Sonata off of Throw and Adagio had had enough. The sirens dropped Throw off at an Orphanage and left town, mutually agreeing that they were all going to put this behind them. Even if they were running for their lives, none of this had been worth it.

Throw Away stayed in the Orphanage for some time, though the sirens never found out what happened to her after that day.
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