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A couple balloons and a balloon. Not exactly a kite but why not fly ponies as if they were? She needed to take someone's size so she can weigh down the balloon pone.

Starlight turning herself (?) into a blimp. I wanted to draw Starlight in both ways so came up with this nonsense. There's a reason why this could be possible, there's a fountain portal to simulated worlds in the Canterlot Gardens (which I never got around to drawing).


Posting a bunch of simple draws into scraps. Either because I want to get them out of the way or they were rushed and I don't want to finish any time soon. Don't reupload these online since they are very unfinished.
suggestive (122283) artist:two-ton-neko (248) starlight glimmer (41336) anthro (218931) balloon pony (145) plantigrade anthro (25023) absurd resolution (63046) balloon (9294) big breasts (63814) big tail (58) blue background (3577) breasts (225543) busty starlight glimmer (1878) duality (3743) fat (18997) fetish (32971) huge ass (7285) huge breasts (29542) hyper (7574) hyper ass (242) hyper breasts (3333) impossibly large ass (5894) impossibly large breasts (13521) inanimate tf (1359) large ass (11472) self ponidox (6776) simple background (324310) tight clothing (2035) transformation (9292) wide hips (12810)


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