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"Darling, wouldn't you like to put on just a hint more than… that?"
"Aww, sugarcube, don't ya worry 'bout me none. Ah'm just fine like this."
"Not just a robe or… anything more covering?"
"Rare, Ah'm fine! Ah'm plenty warm. Ah got this mug, and Ah got you."
"That's not what I'm concerned about, dear…"

Applejack, when your girlfriend/Significant Other starts dropping hints like that, they're not hints. Put some pants on, darlin'.

But I don't think Rarity will mind if you take your time on that.

Anyway, Rarijack! Been a real fricken long time since that happened. So now it has happened again. Yay.

This is going to be my last real activity here for a couple days. To my commissioners, I am deeply sorry for the lack of activity. What I thought was going to basically be a mini vacation this week turned out to be anything but. I've been making a four-hour round trip almost every day trying to get everything out of my apartment, and what little free time I've had, I've been using to try and keep my sanity. If you're tired of the delay, I will happily refund you. Again, I apologize. This was entirely due to poor planning on my part.
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