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Tresor Trove (1767-1845):

Tresor Trove is the eldest of twin brothers by 8 minutes. He was born into French nobility and grew up knowing luxuries that few other would get to experience. He got along well with the other noble adults around him and was often recruited into social gatherings with the other children. He was well educated and well mannered and very popular.

He was very unaware of the social turmoil that was brewing amongst the populace as he aged. He sought to become a scholar and record history as his profession. He was saddened by the disappearance of his mother, but strove forward, intent to make things better for the people of his country.

And then the country erupted into violent revolution. As part of the French nobility, Tresor and his brother struggled to stay out of the public executions there were going on like crazy. Because of the surprisingly good relation with the populace, Tresor was able to work with the people to keep him and his brother off of the chopping block.

It only worked for so long as eventually the revolt caught up to him and his brother, but Tresor was able to escape just at the end of the revolution, settling down for a life in the countryside. He met a wife and started a family, eventually dying of old age at the age of 78.

Marseillaise Mark (1767-1799):

Marseillaise Mark was the youngest of twin brothers by 8 minutes. He was born into French nobility and grew up knowing luxuries that few other would get to experience. He mostly got along well with the other noble adults around him, but often had difficulty socializing as much as his older brother did. He wasn’t recruited into nearly as many social gatherings as his brother, but never minded that much. He was decently educated and enjoyed more physical activities.

He was mostly unaware of the social turmoil that was brewing amongst the populace as he aged, but did see some of the descent coming. He was aiming to become a professional athlete and used the disappearance of his mother as his resolve to improve himself.

Then the country erupted into violent revolution, and as part of the French nobility Mark and his brother struggled to stay out of the public executions. Because of the surprisingly good relation with the populace, Mark was able to work with the people and keep him and his brother off of the chopping block.

However this didn’t work forever, and Mark was captured when he was away from his brother and was taken to a public execution as one of the last to be executed. He was executed at the age of 32.

Soprano Song (1832-1908):

Soprano Song was born in a quiet village in the Netherlands, where she spent most of her early youth playing in the open fields of the land. Adagio had wanted a simple life with a small family after a lot of stressful running around, and had that with Soprano. It wasn’t long before Soprano gained a young cousin named Lily Passion, and the two were inseparable growing up.

Soprano and her cousin Lily lived a decent life in their village alongside their parents, up until their parents moved away without them once they were old enough to fend for themselves. Soprano was sad and put her heart into her singing as a result, which wowed the local villagers. It soon became Soprano’s job to sing for the locals while Lily made a living gardening.

However, a wave of changing political sentiment across the land stirred up trouble for Soprano and her cousin. Looking into what to do about it, Soprano eventually was told about new opportunities taking place in the country of America, and suggested to Lily that they should follow in their mothers footsteps and leave. Lily agreed and the two quickly packed up and made their way to America.

They arrived on Ellis Island and moved into a tenement, where Soprano was popular for her beautiful singing voice. She struggled to learn English, but was able to mimic the sounds enough to sing in their language without fully understanding the words, and began to make a living as a singer in the country. Sadly her music career didn’t quite roll in the big bucks she had hoped it would, but was able to make enough that her and Lily had a comfortable life together.

She eventually found a loving husband and started a happy family together with him. She continued to improve her English and singing voice, and eventually was able to make a small name for herself with a steady income to support her family into her old age. She eventually happily retired, purchasing a small theater that she gave her name and stayed with her family, running the theater before passing away of old age at the age of 76.

Brave Heart (1894-1944):

Brave Heart was a happy child, growing up in the developing urban state of Pennsylvania. He enjoyed exploring the city and felt a deep sense of appreciation for his home. He got along well with his mother and aunts.

Just as the Dazzlings were considering moving away, World War I hit the world and Brave Heart felt like there was more that he could do to help out, and so he joined the army at the age of 20. He made his way through basic training and mostly awaited to see action in the war, but eventually did see ground battles in it. He was fortunately never severely injured and was awarded for his heroic actions during the war.

After the war he came home to find his mother and aunts had left and was very confused by this turn of events. He moved on eventually and started a family of his own, though continued to serve in the military as he found it to be his calling. He was a model soldier and though he was eventually offered promotions he was adamant that he preferred not being in charge of the other soldiers, as his own experience in the field made him feel inadequate for the role.

This continued on until World War II hit, and Brave Heart knew he was going to be needed in the line of duty again. Things were not looking good for the war and Brave Heart didn’t see much action until a massive campaign was launched to start turning the tide of the war. Unfortunately he never got to see how the war would end as he ultimately lost his life on the beaches of Normandy at the age of 45.
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Faithful Hope (1512-1558):

Faithful Hope was born in the hopes of being able to have a normal, happy child after having to abandon Arc and the difficult life Spike lived. Adagio wormed her way into another noble family, a nicer one this time, and hoped everything would work out. However, she was born unable to walk much to Adagio’s dismay. Adagio was a huge part of Hope’s life as a result, just wanting to make sure her child was as happy as possible.

Though Hope couldn’t walk, she was a happy and cheerful child who did everything she could to make the best of her situation. Thanks to her noble upbringing and Adagio’s adoration she was given the finest opportunities a young lady of her time could afford. She always enjoyed exploring and seeing the land, and she only grew more curious of the outside world as she got older.

She had a remarkable mind with a spread of knowledge over math, astronomy, and medicine. However the nobles around her thought this was unnecessary for a young woman who was simply meant to be wed and start a family, so she studied and published her studies under a pseudonym. However, one of the nobles found out about this, and was taken by her sharp mind and determined spirit that was hiding inside such a gentle, beautiful lady. After only a day, he began courting her and within the month they were engaged, completely taken with each other.

Her husband was a Grand Duke that went on to rule the country, making Hope the eventual Queen of Poland. The two were beloved rulers and nurturing parents, bringing about a period of prosperity to the land. Hope eventually became ill from complications due to her disability and spent the last of her days in the care of her loving husband and devoted children. She died at the age of 46.

Storm Shade (1646-1712):

Storm Shade was born in a port town and from a young age loved watching the boats pull in and out of harbor. She felt like it was always her destiny to explore the wonders beyond the horizon, but felt tied down to the leaky seaside town she was raised in. At every opportunity she could she snuck out to the boats and either traveled out to sea with the crews unknowingly or simply watched them perform their tasks. This taught her everything she needed to know about operating the boats for her future adventures.

Once she was old enough she took her sister, stole a boat, and set sail for the open seas. With the knowledge she had gained their seafaring adventures turned out far more successful than anyone thought they would. Jumping from island to island, finding treasure, meeting new people, getting a taste for new foods and ale, Storm was living the life she had always wanted.

This, of course, often got her in trouble with both the local villages and the other pirates who roamed the sea. It quickly became a fact of life that you learned to swash-buckle or end up at the bottom of Davy Jones Locker. Storm became an adept fighter and carried her crew almost single handedly well into her adulthood.

However, she was finally bested by a rival pirate captain who forced her to marry him. She settled with him just long enough to raise a child, before having had enough and slit the mans throat in his sleep. She left the child behind and vowed to return to the open sea, commandeering a new ship to find out what had happened to her crew. However, upon sailing out she mysteriously vanished out at sea, with no one knowing what had become of her.

After several decades Storm mysteriously returned, though now and old and ill, she refused to speak with anyone but her sister. Storm then told the one and only person that was closest to her what had become of her since she vanished, and then passed away peacefully at the age of 66.

Thunder Watch (1650-1736):

Thunder Watch grew up watching her sister admire the boats, and wondered what her fascination with them was. After each time Storm got in trouble, Thunder would talk with her about what she was doing, and more and more Thunder drew an interest herself.

Thunder had grown up with expectations thrust upon her, who she was meant to be and what she was supposed to do. She hated all of them. So when her sister fled to become a pirate, she was more than happy to join alongside her, even at the age of 10. Out on the open seas and as a pirate, she was free to be the person she always knew she was meant to be.

Though she was never as wild and adventurous as her sister, Thunder enjoyed all of their travels. She had her sister’s back at every turn, and trusted Storm’s decisions. The two enjoyed several years of pirating together, forming a large crew year after years, until the two thought they were unstoppable. That came to an end when Storm traded her life for the safety of the crew, and Thunder was left confused on what to do next.

It took over a year, but Thunder eventually managed to help Storm escape her captivity and took to the task of raising Storm’s child while Storm fled to the sea. Thunder took to the task with a surprising amount of love, as it allowed her to be the mother she otherwise would never have been able to be.

Thunder hung up her pirating hat after that, spending the rest of her days as a legitimate ship captain alongside her son. She continued to sail ships until her death at the age of 86.
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Saint Arc (1412-1431):

Saint Arc was a child that Adagio thought she was going to be able to raise herself, however an organization known as the Immortal Hunters had caught on to their location, and Adagio was forced to leave the child behind to survive. She gave the child to a couple who had been wanting a child and used her magic to convince them Arc was theirs.

They named the child after their strong Christian beliefs, and raised the child as their own. Arc was a well tempered girl growing up who enjoyed helping her father in the garden. However, at the age of 13, she began to get visions of great Christian figures telling her to drive out the English and to bring the current Prince to Reims for his coronation.

This spurred Arc into action, and at the age of 16 she stormed a military garrison demanding an armed escort to see the crowned Prince. While initially rejected, she was eventually able to convince them to escort her. Once there, she used her visions to convince the Prince that she would grant him victory in his wars and elevate him to king. She was granted this privilege and was sent off to war.
Arc’s participation in these wars turned them into a religious war, in which she was held up as miraculous saint of the battlefield. She was able to predict the enemies plans and led her men into several victories. This lasted only for a couple of years until one battle saw her captured by the enemy and was put on trial to discredit her and the king she had brought to power.

The trial ultimately ended in her downfall, with her being executed via public burning. She died at the age of 19, but was forever considered a martyr of her cause and was held as a mythic figure for history to remember.

Spike ‘The Impaler’ (1428-1477):

Spike the Impaler was born as an illegitimate heir to the Romanian empire, but was believed to be a legitimate heir due to Adagio’s magic. After having managed to escape the Immortal Hunters the sirens believed that settling down with a royal family would give them the protection from them they needed, and thus used their magic to bewitch the Darkbat family that were the current rulers.

However, despite being part of the royal family life was not easy for Spike, as at the age of 14 he was held hostage by an opposing nation, much to Adagio’s fury. She didn’t have enough magic to safely return him, but thankfully he was returned when his father and elder brother were assassinated, and he started a lifelong campaign to regain his father’s power.

After an eight year struggle he was able to achieve his goal, however the atrocities he had committed this period had labeled him with the nickname ’Spike the Impaler’ for his penchant of impaling his enemies on stake and leaving them to die. He left thousands of bodies impaled on spears on the battlefield as a deterrent for enemy forces.

He was eventually captured by enemy forced and imprisoned for several years, before escaping and regaining his throne, only to be killed in battle the same year that he had escaped. He died at the age of 48.
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Quill Note (1322-1399):

Quill Note grew up in the harsh frozen north, but always found his surroundings rather beautiful. Even as a child learning to read and write he loved to write about the nature of the land around him. Poems were easier for him as a child, but he’d slowly develop into longer and more complex forms of writing as he grew older. He soon became so immersed in writing that sometimes that would be all he would do for days at a time.

His favorite stories to write were Non-Fiction stories about nature and history, however his most popular works always turned out to be his fictional parables. He wrote about all sorts of subjects and often had niche audiences in the neighboring towns for his different genres. He made most of his money submitting short stories to local bookstores, though this wasn’t highly profitable it did begin to spread his name around.

He eventually was able to write enough to afford raising a family, though his name never quite became world famous. He wrote several novels throughout his lifetime, and thousands of short stories, many that were packed into collections and continuously sold until his final days. He died at the age of 77 from a heart attack, shortly after having finished his memoirs.

Feather Tip (1325-1410):

Feather Tip was a happy girl who felt very in-tune with nature. She had a mysterious habit of talking to animals out in the wild and them seeming to listen to her, and her even claiming she understood what they said, though this was never verified. If she could be outside she preferred it, even when it was detrimental to her health to do so in the cold frozen winters.

Feather’s tendency to continuously wander outside into dangerous areas she was unprepared for made Adagio have to be a little strict with her upbringing, telling her that she couldn’t go outside unless she had finished her chores. This motivated Feather into being able to accomplish all of her chores in record time, and do it perfectly on the first pass, much to Adagio’s frustration.

Feather got along well with the locals and was easy to make friends. She always seemed to prefer animals to people, but never minded company at all. She eventually took up a job as a maid, since she was extremely good at it and the work paid well. She set her prices high and always made people take back any complaints about her prices when her work was finished.

She used her money to help raise a small family she started, as well as on some local conservation efforts to help out the animals nearby as well. It seemed they had a tendency to be hunted and she wanted to make sure this never got out of hand, and did a fairly good job of it as well. She eventually passed away from old age at the age of 85.

Cold Front (1327-1379):

Cold Front was a mostly grumpy, aloof child who tended to prefer being by himself growing up. He took to foraging and hunting fairly early on, though really only did so out of necessity than any real enjoyment out of it. He had a tendency to float around in life, doing as he was told but never really committing to any one thing.

Adagio worried about him and suggested many different things that he could try and be good at, most of which he was fine at but had no passion for them. Eventually he decided to give Military service a try and went into training. He proved to be an above average fighter in his field and did well at his station. He didn’t have much passion for this either, but did at least take pride in protecting the citizens of his homeland.

He eventually damaged his eye in a skirmish and was blinded in it, ending his service in the military. When he returned home he decided that the best thing for him to do was to simply start a family and carry on his family blood more than anything else, and soon found himself a wife and comfortable place to live. He fathered several children and lived a simple life until his final days. He died at the age of 52 from illness.
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Holy Word (1218-1252):

Holy Word is the first child of the ‘Holy Trinity’ alongside Second Lamb and Solemn Heart. The Dazzlings had found that the locals would welcome them in and grant them sanctuary with open arms if they followed the word of the Lord and used that to their advantage. As such, religion was a core fundamental for their lives growing up in the village.

Holy Word was originally named ’Accent Word’, but became so enraptured in the teachings of the pastor Divine Truth, that she elected to change her name to help spread the word of the lord. Holy was deeply enraptured in the Pastor’s words, very easily and very quickly crushing on the older man. The infatuation drove her passion for the religion and made her do everything she could to spend every waking hour in his presence. As such she began to become much stricter on those who broke the religious creeds he painted for the town, and came down harshly on dissenters.

At the age of 16, she followed her mother and aunts out one night, and discovered a horrifying truth. They were using the Devils magic to siphon the life out of the villagers, using their voices to sing falsehoods. Utterly betrayed and devastated, Holy began to plan her revenge against the sirens for betraying the Lord in the most heinous way, and would punish any who sided with them. She and her younger sister fought over this, Second Lamb defending their mother as a good woman who had raised them well. Holy warned Lamb that if she continued to blindly follow them, she was to be punished for the devil worshiper she would became.

At the age of 17, a witch hunt for the Sirens began, being led by Holy Word and approved by Pastor Divine Truth. Second Lamb had tried to talk her sister down, but was captured and placed before the whole town as an example for those who would betray the lord and follow the heinous Witches.

Holy burned her sister to death for the sake of her beliefs.

Although the sirens were never captured and killed for their heinous betrayal of the lord, the aftermath of the events lingered with the village for the rest of their days. Holy spent the rest of her time at the church, growing closer to Divine Truth and believing in everything he said. Including sinful acts where the rest of the town couldn’t see, that she believed were okay because they involved a holy man who was the word of God.

Holy became pregnant out of wedlock and realized her mistake with this, planning a way to avoid it causing issue in her community. She went on a year-long pilgrimage out of the village, traveling far away to have the child, and then traveled back to her village. In the dead of night she left the village in front of the church for Divine Truth to find, and then would return a month later and be ’surprised’ that a child had been left at the church for her to care for.

Raising the child and spreading the word of the lord became her life, up until she caught the plague and became bedridden with her illness. She died from this at the age of 34.

Second Lamb (1220-1235):

Second Lamb is the second child of the ’Holy Trinity’ alongside Holy Word and Solemn Heart. Second Lamb was originally named ’Golden Fleece’, but changed her name when Holy Word changed her name. Holy Word wanted to spread the word of the Lord and wanted to show the world that they were the lambs of God’s flock. Holy Word would be the first Lamb, and Fleece would be the second. Fleece agreed, and thus became ’Second Lamb’.

Lamb was a fairly quiet child, enjoying the teachings of the Lord but never centered her life around them. She enjoyed the peace of the village, enjoyed spending time with her mother, and loved her family dearly.

Lamb loved sewing and was apprenticing as a seamstress for the village. Making blankets and clothes was something she believed she’d be doing for her part of the village and was getting quite proficient at it.

However, that all came to an end when Holy came to her, raving about their Mother and Aunts being witches who worshiped the devil and needed to be expunged from their community. Lamb did her best to calm Holy down, but her sister was inconsolable. When the witch hunts for their mother began, Lamb desperately tried to get her sister to see reason, but was ultimately presented to the village to be made an example of.
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Strong Armor (1121-1200):

Strong Armor was born from Adagio’s strong desire to have children again after having found a comfortable place to live after several successive moves. Strong was born to a strong military father and was raised from a young age to follow in his footsteps. As such, Strong was a stoic child even from a young age, rarely if ever showing emotions.
While his brick-wall style personality didn’t endear him to many people, it also didn’t leave many people feeling put off by him. He rarely judged anyone for their actions and was reliable to do what was needed to be done for him. He was incredibly strong and agile as well as fiercely loyal, so it only ever benefited you to earn his trust.

He officially joined the military upon becoming a fully recognized adult and spent his years training and performing his military duties. He was nigh untouchable in training, and enemy troops began to fear seeing the Iron Wall of Switzerland walking onto the battlefield. He continued his military career for as long as he could until a grievance injury forcibly retired him at the age of 58.

Once out of the military he was unsure of what to do, but was highly sought after as a husband due to his services in the war. He was never interested in finding a wife however, and eventually settled down with a fellow retired soldier he had grown a connection with during his years of service. The two took care of each other in their older age, and Strong eventually passed away from old age at the age of 79.

Fair Maiden (1126-1208):

Fair Maiden was a mischievous child growing up, beautiful to a fault and she knew it. She took advantage of this to get favors and gifts that she desperately wanted, and if anyone gave her grief over it she would sick her older brother on them, quickly silencing them. She developed an air of sincerity and kindness that made anyone who looked at her believe she was an angel descended on the earth, while quietly wrapping them around her finger.

Not to say she wasn’t kind, however. She genuinely had a fondness for children and loved caring for the ones who came to see her in her village. She was an exceptional gardener and loved tending to her flowers, often treating them as her own children and only plucking the ones who she could tell were going to begin fading. Those flowers she would often weave into a flower crown for herself and the children of the village, giving her the nickname the ‘Angel of Flowers’.

As a result, Maiden quickly attracted a large number of suitors looking for her hand in marriage. Maiden, however, wasn’t keen on the idea of settling down just yet, and used their affections to her advantage to shower her in more wealth and gifts. She was never left wanting and enjoyed seeing the idiots be manipulated so easily. After all, if they genuinely wanted her affections, they’d gain it properly, not beg like dogs.

She eventually settled down with a merry couple who she had genuinely befriended at first, that eventually developed into a romantic relationship with the both of them. As a result she started a family with them, both having children of her own and adopting several who needed homes. Fair Maiden loved her family, and the wealth she had amassed would be passed on to her new family. She died at the age of 82 from old age.
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Golden Dew (1006-1068):

Golden Dew was the first child born to the sirens in the Human World, and was an experiment on Adagio’s part to see how having children in this new world would affect their pack. She came to find that she rather enjoyed this way of making children far more than the way back in Equestria, and instantly fell in love with her new daughter.
Dew was a happy child, always enjoying being around her mother and aunts, getting along with the locals, and just being a bright light in everyone’s life. She grew up fast and become sort-of a second mother to her siblings and cousins, helping take care of them and ensuring that everyone was as happy as they could be.

As a result, Dew had many suitors from a young age, and ended up marrying at 17 and quickly starting a family of her own. Sadly, the more children she had with her new husband the less time she had to spend with her siblings and cousins, but she still did her best to make time for them.

Dew took the sirens leaving the hardest as she had been the most attached to her parents, but eventually realized from the way the townsfolk had talked about her mother that it was for the best. She vowed to be as good of a mother as she had thought her own mother to be, and raised a large and happy family.
She died at the age of 62 having lived a life with no regrets.

Harp Note (1008-1075):

Harp Note had always been a bright, but stoic child, never making many friends but always impressing all of the adults around him. He enjoyed studying and physical training, and everyone around him believed he would grow up to be an amazing soldier. As a child and a teenager he had a constant rival with his cousin Golden Knight, the two competing to see who was better in competitions of skill and strength.

Eventually Harp Note did join the military, and made his way up the ranks astoundingly quick. His strategic mind and abilities in combat made him amazing at his job, and his ability to keep calm under pressure meant he wasn’t rattled when things went wrong. He decided that the military wasn’t his true passion though, and once he was old enough to leave he left and dedicated himself to politics in the hope of creating a better future for his country.

His mother leaving was the source of his inspiration, wanting to create a country that she would feel comfortable coming back to one day. Though he had been brilliant as a military commander, he found politics to be a trickier battlefield as he could not simply suppress his opponents with strength or skill, and purely had to use his mind to take them down.

It was fortunate then that he had the help of his cousin Noble Lass, and the two of them were able to pass several important laws that made the life of everyone in the country better. Though he had his detractors, no one could deny that Harp Note loved his country and they were all better off for him being part of it. He eventually passed away at the age of 67 from illness.

Olive Branch (1011-1070):

Olive Branch was a happy and hyper child, wanting to play with everyone at any opportunity she could. She loved singing and dancing, hearing and sharing stories, and would often go around town looking for people sharing stories and tales to then share for herself. She was always the first outside to play, and the last one in as it got late. She had an infectious charm that seemed to draw everyone in, and Olive loved learning as much as she could about everyone she met.

As a result she also ended up having many suitors from a young age, and ended up marrying at 16 and starting a family shortly there after. Much to the chagrin of other mothers, having kids didn’t seem to deter Olive’s energy even a little bit. She would take care of her kid and when they went to sleep she would be just as active with the adults in her life as she had been when she was younger.

She eventually obtained a job delivering mail and documents, realizing it was the perfect way for her to travel and meet people, and a way to bring the culture of others back home to be shared with her family. She did so well at her job that after doing it that eventually she was tasked by her brother to carry official and important documents for the Senate. Olive was more than elated to help her brother with his job and accepted eagerly.

She was a perfect postman for several decades before political dissenters began to catch on to the fact that she was the one delivering important documents for the senate. Olive continued to do her best to befriend everyone she met even in her old age, but those who disliked her helping the current Government refused to be befriended. As a result, Olive died at the age of 59 when one of her meals was poisoned while she was transporting an important Document for Harp.
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