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safe1655612 artist:evehly839 fluttershy207264 bat pony47154 pony920028 bat ponified2500 cute192101 ear fluff26975 ear tufts453 female1318999 flutterbat6739 head tilt1038 looking at you159582 mare456991 no mouth494 peeking654 race swap13794 shy3935 shyabates304 shyabetes13028 simple background376570 slit eyes4349 slit pupils674 solo1031274 white background93347 wrong eye color926


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Best known photo of the elusive Fluttershy.

Thought to have finally overcome her subject's timid demeanor, a researcher brought out a camera to take a few documentary photos. However, upon seeing and recognizing the device, Fluttershy disappeared, astonishing the researcher with nimbleness and near-instant acceleration that was thought to be beyond the Fluttershy's capabilities. Days passed before the Fluttershy was observed again, thanks to a bait 'trap' of caged rodents.
Knowing the Fluttershy's habits and lures allowed contact to be re-established, but photos of the Fluttershy continued to be a challenge as the Fluttershy seems to possess a sixth sense about the presence of any type of visual recording devices. Time, and a great deal of furry creatures, may eventually yield better results, but for now, this picture and artist's renderings are the best references we have.