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safe2175733 artist:ncmares734 starlight glimmer60030 sunset shimmer79210 twilight sparkle358024 alicorn314748 pony1604023 unicorn538577 equestria girls256083 g42030506 angry36685 bed mane887 bra strap574 cheek fluff9537 cheek rub59 chest fluff65618 clothes635099 cute265956 female1804299 fluffy19593 frown36158 glare9055 gray background14539 gritted teeth19436 grumpy3253 hair tie1672 hoof fluff3269 leg fluff5131 lidded eyes48098 looking at you259617 madorable1094 magical trio493 mare742016 messy mane10913 pillow25532 ponytail27178 raised hoof70025 reflection4680 rubbing1488 serious1670 serious face1433 shimmerbetes5251 shirt40491 simple background597046 sitting92475 socks95638 stockings48579 striped socks28304 t-shirt7124 torn clothes6973 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149521 white underwear3969 wing fluff2397 wing hold693 wrong neighborhood654


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The Scrublord
Not just this one; every single submission no longer has comments. There’s a particular troll with a bot that spam-replies to every comment on a lot of pony submissions. There’s not much DA can do against ban evasions so I went ahead and took away all the fuel. It’s not so bad and it saves a whole lot of time!

“- The Prodigies - Twilight Sparkle summoned two very powerful unicorns to aid her in the Royal Pillow War - a right of passage for ascending alicorns. Only one champion will see the dawn, however. Time will tell just how deep their desires for glory have been buried.”
Background Pony #67FD
You just know there’s going to be a forced makeover after they beat you up.