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safe1616375 edit123117 edited edit2434 edited screencap59252 editor:lolledits32 screencap210905 princess celestia91199 princess luna95539 alicorn206214 pony884213 the beginning of the end2040 animated94194 caption20155 cookie3410 cookie crumbs10 cute186365 daaaaaaaaaaaw3327 eating8995 eyes closed84135 female1286656 food64332 hnnng2323 hoof hold7643 hoof shoes4548 lunabetes3301 mare439716 nom2936 offscreen character31213 silly7129 silly pony2880 solo focus15729


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Background Pony #B933
what is it with stuff saying "Nom Nom Nom" while they eat in the last couple of years I always keep thinking its a TF2 reference as its usually the noise Heavy makes when he eats his Sandvich?