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In reference to >>2031886
safe1679523 artist:jargon scott2284 princess cadance32321 twilight sparkle297061 alicorn219283 2 panel comic1132 burger1812 clothes449873 comic107296 dialogue63986 disguise4620 duo58705 food68402 groucho mask258 meat1841 missing horn748 paper-thin disguise133 peetzer118 pepperoni429 pepperoni pizza414 pizza1892 ponies eating meat964 seems legit764 sisters-in-law628 that pony sure does love pizza117 twilight burgkle506 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122292


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Review every image tagged Peetzer.
Also I think there's a tag for Cadances Pizza Delivery Service, or something.
Basically it's a Jargon Scott inside joke for Cadance and Pizza.