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Request for Devon13168 from 2017
He wanted an anthropomorphic version of human twilight sparkle (sci-twi) with a outfit he designed.
Noticed, a year later, that a huge chunk of her mane was missing some pink. So this morning I took the PS file into GIMP and fixed that. Posting this fixed version up myself along with the rough sketch >>2031476 and the thumbnail sketch >>2031473 The old version, first uploaded by Ereiam is over here >>1657763
safe1945476 artist:supra80518 sci-twi28486 twilight sparkle330018 unicorn433579 anthro309798 equestria girls230755 alternate clothes1828 belly button94019 belt7521 clothes549418 cutie mark on clothes4842 female1578849 glasses75931 hand on hip10491 jeans5259 midriff21382 pants18377 ponytail22195 simple background490236 smiling323379 solo1245594 tanktop9406 transparent background243084


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