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suggestive140810 artist:flicker-show339 fluttershy210862 pegasus285149 squirrel1018 anthro256320 plantigrade anthro31875 acorn102 barefoot27137 big breasts80498 blood24329 breasts273339 busty fluttershy16931 cleavage34133 clothes453226 dialogue64480 feet39159 female1347200 legs8131 nosebleed2322 nuts50 open mouth142272 panties49668 skirt39200 smiling243425 speech bubble22873 spread wings53748 squatting1449 thighs13045 traditional art116741 underwear60105 upskirt5792 white underwear3494 wings103807


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Background Pony #38FE
fluttershy has nice thick legs because she's always squatting down to interact with small animals

In Treue fest
It can't be denied that Fluttershy's effect on animals is quite profound.
As anyone who has met or even seen her will confirm, the cause of this influence is no mystery.