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Artist Comment:

I colored the previous work.
safe1727789 artist:raika0306533 adagio dazzle13063 sunset shimmer63880 equestria girls203268 rainbow rocks18402 absolute cleavage3571 anime5598 bedroom eyes60335 belly button79552 bikini18571 bikini babe731 blushing201091 breasts283635 busty adagio dazzle1590 busty sunset shimmer5553 chin stroke19 cleavage35139 clothes467485 cutie mark necklace112 female1382061 flirting1501 geode of empathy3134 lesbian98142 magical geodes9014 midriff19583 shipping202971 sleeveless4595 stupid sexy adagio dazzle491 stupid sexy sunset shimmer924 sunsagio750 sweat26989 swimsuit28934 teasing3818


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Background Pony #A830
The focus is on the finger under her chin, but one notes that Sunset's hand is at butt level and clearly between her body and her hair, which is not a wide space.