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A little sketch I made for PaperBagPony, I hope you like it!
safe1680374 artist:fakskis206 oc668202 oc only439630 oc:paper bag603 pony942574 belly button75805 blushing193163 chest fluff37699 cute195888 female1339621 ocbetes4975 open mouth140683 paper bag864 pubic fluff3750 simple background384828 sitting61661 solo1046240 strategically covered2874 tail censor237 tongue out101286 underhoof50811 waving2869 weapons-grade cute3619 white background95430


Syntax quick reference: *bold* _italic_ [spoiler]hide text[/spoiler] @code@ +underline+ -strike- ^sup^ ~sub~
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You're almost getting it right. Now it just lacks the part to click on.

"click here":/profiles/PaperBagPony
turns into
click here

Basically, you put the clickable text (which can't be nothing) in quotes, add a colon after it, and then paste the link.

It just isn't a thing on this site to tag a user.
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It's not too difficult, the tutorial is just a little short and obtuse.

An on-site link can be done like so: "this would work as a link.":/profiles/PaperBagPony

You can remove the section and include everything after it, from the / onwards. This creates a direct link without directing you to another domain, which can log people out and be a bit of a pain.

For off-site links, you'd have to do it like this: "this would work as a link.": including the http:// and domain name, otherwise it won't have any idea where to direct you.

An on-site image link is just putting >> in front of the number of the image you want to link. This image would be >>2026712. Putting a t, a p, or an s at the end of it will cause that to link a preview of the image at various sizes, s being the smallest and p being the largest. These are automatically clickable, and will direct you to the original post of the image if you do so.

For example: >>2026712s >>2026712t and >>2026712p create:

I hope that helps.