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A little sketch I made for PaperBagPony, I hope you like it!
safe (1500588) artist:fakskis (148) oc (565793) oc only (384874) oc:paper bag (362) pony (777825) belly button (62794) blushing (164370) chest fluff (28826) cute (162763) female (824686) ocbetes (3813) open mouth (112680) paper bag (744) pubic fluff (3224) simple background (315692) sitting (50176) solo (924063) strategically covered (2440) tail censor (176) tongue out (82427) underhoof (43980) waving (2289) weapons-grade cute (2919) white background (78948)


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You're almost getting it right. Now it just lacks the part to click on.

"click here":/profiles/PaperBagPony
turns into
click here

Basically, you put the clickable text (which can't be nothing) in quotes, add a colon after it, and then paste the link.

It just isn't a thing on this site to tag a user.
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A Clever Message
It's not too difficult, the tutorial is just a little short and obtuse.

An on-site link can be done like so: "this would work as a link.":/profiles/PaperBagPony

You can remove the section and include everything after it, from the / onwards. This creates a direct link without directing you to another domain, which can log people out and be a bit of a pain.

For off-site links, you'd have to do it like this: "this would work as a link.": including the http:// and domain name, otherwise it won't have any idea where to direct you.

An on-site image link is just putting >> in front of the number of the image you want to link. This image would be >>2026712. Putting a t, a p, or an s at the end of it will cause that to link a preview of the image at various sizes, s being the smallest and p being the largest. These are automatically clickable, and will direct you to the original post of the image if you do so.

For example: >>2026712s >>2026712t and >>2026712p create:

I hope that helps.