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safe (1503209) artist:platinumdrop (428) scootaloo (47984) :3 (3683) animated (88237) cookie (3111) cute (163294) cutealoo (2328) derp (6159) ear twitch (416) eating (8118) food (56078) gif (26255) gimp (353) parody of a parody (82) simple background (316731) solo (926046) wall eyed (102) white background (79174)


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Immortal spirit
i dublicated more frames where it needed and i use a lot the hide layer "eye icon", mostly i make the frames with the "new from visible" option so i can move the objects as one layer, the cookie jar for example stays on the place at the last frame. This is good because i can work fast, but bad because i cant patch previous layers. I made it fast, i dont know how much time took it. But there is only a few elements that i had to redraw. the arm, the mouth.

So basically as many layers as many frames there are plus 4 extra layers to make the new layers. white background, scoots, cookie jar. And the hand, ear.