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I think its never a good for a male to ride passenger on a bike, especially with a female rider. Here we have an older Scoots and Rumble , maybe Rumble needed a ride somewhere cause he hurt his wing, or maybe he just wanted to know what it felt like… To ride a motorcycle, lol not her chest I mean.

lol, honestly for someone who had been in this same situation you can't ride with a girl out being in a relationship, at least not safely. Awkward.
suggestive143278 artist:flicker-show339 rumble3960 scootaloo51309 pegasus292847 anthro260736 accidental groping19 annoyed5477 awkward991 awkward boner11 bad touch734 big breasts82273 biker150 braless1020 breast grab7145 breasts278310 busty scootaloo1210 clothes460603 crotch bulge4342 erect nipples10772 erection14489 erection under clothes154 female1365687 gloves20141 grope13173 implied erection256 inconvenient erection79 leather1119 male373664 midriff19356 motorcycle1167 motorcycle outfit53 nervous5704 nipple outline7542 older26810 older rumble129 older scootaloo2053 open mouth146413 penis153757 personal space invasion855 rumbloo493 shipping200570 shirt24997 speech bubble23375 spread wings54845 straight136609 sweat26432 sweating profusely376 tanktop7712 tenting93 traditional art117964 wingboner8242 wings107877


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fluffy octavia

oh pff, guys can ride the back of bikes with girl drivers, just gotta suck it up. dont be a shrinking violet who gets all embarassed and be straight laced about it, if they get a boner just ignore it but dont let them get gropey
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Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta

Um, men who can't afford a vehicle need to get around too — motorcycle taxis are popular around here, and a ride only costs less than half the price of a normal taxicab's fare. And from all the drivers i know in my city, only one of them is a woman.
Large Guy

@Sky Blazer
Scoot comes home from work each day upset at the dinner not being ready so she takes a beer from the fridge and belittles rumble while forcing him to eat her out in the couch

In Treue fest
I suppose Rumble will just have to make do with something less personal to hold on to.
The "tailpipe" issue, however, will be a rather trickier problem to remedy.
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@Dirty Bit
Come on, Scoots. Guys like titties. You should know this.

Ass men would beg to differ, myself included. Titties are okay, though.

In the words of one famous Mexican, "Por que no los dos?"
Dirty Bit
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That's him, officer
If it weren't for the fact Scoots was driving, I'm pretty sure Rumble would get smacked XD

Well, at least he hasn't grabbed her neck. Also, for someone "all for safety" there's a distinct lack of protection gear up her waist…

Let alone a helmet

Come on, Scoots. Guys like titties. You should know this.

Ass men would beg to differ, myself included. Titties are okay, though.
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Considering how fast she might be going, I can understand why rumble would want to hold on to something…. and I mean anything so that he doesn't get kick off.