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suggestive192587 artist:minacream6 princess celestia113757 princess luna118204 human250390 equestria girls258752 g42053693 adorasexy12940 beautiful8768 belly button112863 bikini26150 blue hair2055 blushing279159 breast squish2752 breasts397360 busty princess celestia14001 cleavage47476 clothes644777 crown30568 cute269165 cutie mark on equestria girl1029 eyelashes27572 female1829199 green hair926 harem outfit471 horn203779 horned humanization8149 humanized120931 jewelry116164 light skin6651 loincloth1773 long hair8808 looking at you264791 multicolored hair12464 open mouth242699 pink hair2902 regalia37369 royal sisters6923 sexy46827 signature45665 simple background609223 swimsuit39832 white background166492 winged humanization10204 wings229651


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Maybe after retiring from a thousand-year reign Celestia decided to indenture herself to a foreign king for a few decades to experience being ruled instead. Luna wasn’t so sure it was a good idea but wanted to stay with her sister.