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So… I still don't have a name for the great fellas yet. I know a lot of people call the genderbent Dazzlings "The Blindings," but I really don't like that name. So, until I come up with one, they'll just be known as Evil Boy Band. If you guys have name suggestions, let me know. I really need help, haha. So from left to right, we have Sonore Dusk. He's a bass and supports the other two. Next, we have Allegro Dazzle. He the leader, obviously, and he is a baritone, but also leans more towards bass. Last, we have Andante Blaze. He's a tenor and he makes them sound even better and more beautiful? He adds flare and spice, I guess. They also pretty much act like their female counterparts respectively with Sonore being the air-headed ditz, Allegro being the master manipulator and brains, and Andante being the grouch, but level-headed.


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@Background Pony #48E3
I gave them the lighter shades of the original Dazzlings cause I really liked the brighter colors and I wanted them to be as close to the original Dazzlings as possible. The darker shades just seemed to dull for me even if it makes them more masculine. Plus, they’re guy sirens from a pony land, they’re not gonna be as masculine as some people would want.