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suggestive148359 artist:pridark1897 dj pon-329682 vinyl scratch29683 oc711604 oc:flame runner39 pony1009964 :p9439 angry28054 blushing204537 bust52533 canon x oc26119 cheek kiss1884 cocky71 confused4886 crying44797 cute205621 ear fluff31157 emotions273 excited3063 expressions974 eyeroll578 floppy ears54473 happy32173 heart eyes17498 horny1179 kissing25371 multeity2286 nervous5877 one eye closed32486 portrait31822 puppy dog eyes753 rage1558 rave607 sad25062 sarcastic44 scared10756 scrunchy face7256 shipping205615 shy4324 silly7543 smiling260723 smirk13005 surprise kiss817 thinking2003 tired3244 tongue out108184 vinylbetes696 wingding eyes23439 wink25644


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Background Pony #C198
Is that a tab of acid? or is it something else?

I know nothing about drugs…