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My gifs from P.H.U.N Art Pack  
Thank @FristART for invitation :3
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suggestive160172 artist:tolsticot380 fluttershy227938 pinkie pie229850 earth pony314558 pegasus357565 anthro292858 plantigrade anthro39026 art pack:the p.h.u.n pack38 :35240 animated106646 apron4842 ass59405 blushing222225 bottomless14842 butt136321 butt bongo fiesta31 butt jiggle320 clothes519784 eye shimmer1296 eyes on the prize5938 female1503725 floppy ears59363 flutterbutt5992 flutterpie1568 frame by frame4182 frown26050 gloves23142 happy35249 indoors4462 jiggle1993 lesbian103888 looking at you196788 looking back67281 lying down26363 mare558714 nudity420179 open mouth176642 partial nudity23454 pillow20740 plushie26696 pouting2113 prone28522 shipping218593 smack dat ass56 smiling297988 spanking2949 starry eyes3970 stockings38262 tail49459 tail lift679 tail pull2428 thigh highs43349 wingding eyes27074


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Background Pony #78FA
Pinkie looks like she’s found her true calling in life. Flutters looks like she’s wondering if she’s found hers too.
Midori Kuroba
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Sphinx In Disguise
I can’t believe someone forgot the spanking tag on this. The ripple effect across her cheeks after impact is so nice. Very sexy!