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Red Steels mother, and Grand Admiral of the pirate fleet, she is not a pony to take lightly. a lifetime of brutality is carved onto her body, and the worst of it she carves into her enimes, ruling the seas with strenth, fear, and an unwavering devotion to the cause, few would defy her, as they never live for long.
semi-grimdark28331 artist:dice-warwick200 oc628166 oc:flintlock hoof2 cyborg3516 pony884882 fallout equestria15818 fallout equestria: dance of the orthrus85 amputee4380 big gun2 clothes426629 cyber eye28 fanfic art13451 female1287276 hook265 jacket11384 jolly roger39 milf8744 pirate2334 scared9752 skull and crossbones80 solo1004774


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