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“Sunset! Good morning, Sunset!”

Oh heck, what does she want? I haven’t even worked up the nerve yet. Curse you, Pinkie Pie! Your setups will be the death of me!


On the 28th March 2017, I decided to start on my own SciTwiShimmer shipping series back when it was simply called Sunlight. I didn’t think much of my skills at the time, but I was inspired by other much better artists than myself and wanted to try my hand at it. However, my biggest fear was I wouldn’t last very long, as I had a terrible habit of burning out when I’m barely out of the starting gate and eventually abandoning the project.

Amazingly though, this is a series I’ve yet to grow bored off. I’ve had so much fun working on this since I began, but perhaps the most incredible part is, thanks to this series, I’ve made so many incredible friends, travelled to the US twice to attend both EFNW ‘18 and Ciderfest ‘18, met other great artists, youtubers, and even got to meet Sunset Shimmer herself; Rebecca Shoichet.

My life has taken such an incredible turn since I started what was initially a simple fun and cheerful little romance webcomic, but not only has it evolved into something bigger, it has helped me evolve my skills as an artist.

I might not have as many luxuries as my US-based friends when it comes to travelling and group get-togethers, but I wouldn’t change a damn thing considering what this has gained me; thanks to practise, understanding, and a LOT of patience. This has been such a ride since two years ago, and it keeps on getting better.

But the best part about all this is you. You guys have kept this thing burning hot from the beginning, and I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me. For those of you who have been here since the very beginning, then this update is for you! To show you how far we’ve come, and what your support has done for me. Thank you for being so incredible!

I wish I prepared this on the actual day, but I lost track of when the anniversary was until recently, so I decided to hold it today on my birthday. And really, I couldn’t have picked a better day to do it.

Again, thank you guys so much! I hope to continue bringing you entertainment as we move on ahead into a new era! My girls are now adults, and a new world is open to them. Let’s see where we go from here!Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s an all-you-can-eat birthday buffet with my name on it~

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