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Ouch. Someone call the burn ward.
suggestive126526 artist:groaninggreyagony3 princess celestia89197 princess luna93330 pony830300 /mlp/9015 4chan6153 blatant lies1164 burn242 drawthread2081 dungeon meshi12 faic11240 funny3590 funny as hell437 gradient background10640 luna is not amused371 manga972 meme78048 monochrome146588 right to left85 savage83 sick burn23 snappy answers to stupid questions2 sweat22505 sweating profusely318 vulgar19447


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

The only reason they have more sex is because they live longer, even if they only have sex once every few years it’s still gonna add up to a lot.
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I'ma file that dong retort away for the perfect opportunity to present itself.
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