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safe2173803 artist:setharu341 oc947257 oc:blackjack3370 oc:boo116 oc:lacunae150 oc:morning glory (project horizons)565 oc:p-21350 oc:rampage334 oc:scotch tape171 oc:somber36 alicorn314026 earth pony446090 pegasus496270 pony1601988 unicorn537721 fallout equestria22928 fallout equestria: project horizons4008 alicorn oc36469 clothes634236 crossed hooves2917 cute265673 eye clipping through hair14675 fanfic art18613 female1802139 filly97341 high res407794 hooves25972 horn190211 hug37592 jumpsuit5580 macro14970 male550515 mare740709 micro11945 pipbuck4364 purple alicorn (fo:e)144 sitting92322 size difference21320 smiling397253 spread wings94449 stallion195610 vault suit4371 wings222852


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Background Pony #9F7F
I honestly did not hate Project horizons that much. there were just some thing with it that were either a Meh or completely overblown.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A FoE: PH fan
Blackjack: this is cool.  
Boo: blank  
Glory: is slightly concerned  
Lacunae: Please put my friends down  
P-21: is slightly annoyed  
Rampage: is amused  
Scotch: I’m sitting on a hoof.
also, the window reflection is a nice touch.