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suggestive142744 artist:drizziedoodles403 twilight sparkle300015 human154472 adorasexy9742 arm behind back6070 beautiful5562 belly button77701 big breasts81863 blue hair976 breasts277133 cleavage34497 clothes458659 curvy6664 cute199386 erect nipples10688 eyelashes10471 female1360654 humanized99971 lips1138 lipstick11128 long hair4219 looking away3707 midriff19299 moderate dark skin744 multicolored hair5554 nasa71 nipple outline7494 panties50148 pink hair1256 pubic hair7702 pubic hair slip127 purple hair777 sexy29334 shirt24825 short shirt1556 signature24628 simple background392520 solo1062389 solo female179515 stupid sexy twilight974 thighs13594 thong6035 tight clothing2528 twiabetes11720 twilight darkle69 underwear60725 wide hips17153


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Everything is Everything
It's cool; no apologies necessary. We all have our own head canons. Personally, I tend to leave any humanized interpretation of the Mane 6 (or 7 if you include Sunset Shimmer) up to the individual artist, but that's just me…
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Everything is Everything
Just wanted to say that your picture of Twilight is absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure it'll encourage people to enroll in more STEM classes… :)

IMHO, it's truly unfortunate that there's still disputes over what skin colors the humanized Mane 6 should be. On the other hand, it does make it easy to understand why Hasbro opted to give the Equestria Girls "pony-colored" skin instead of regular human flesh tones…
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I did it cause I've always had a headcanon of her having some Middle Eastern/South Asian heritage, like India or Nepal.

I actually have specific headcanons for pretty much all the mane six's ethnic backgrounds/nationalities and I'm intentionally trying to show that in these, not to stir the pot, but just because it's more fun to imagine a diverse cast :P

Lil boner
I think there are a small number of people who do in fact draw the same type of dark-skinned, usually overweight humanized versions simply to get a reaction. Of course it's impossible to tell when exactly it's done for that purpose and this piece seems to be just a genuine variant in skin shade. The ones done for reaction typically have the same sjw art style used on every type of human character, like veiled Muslimshy. Nothing wrong with tan or dark skin if the art is actually trying to be good beyond that.

Btw not trying to start drama, just stating my opinion. This Twilight is a qt one.