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safe1588392 screencap203573 rainbow dash220849 zephyr breeze2110 pegasus244540 pony855695 sparkle's seven1583 animated92620 bedroom eyes52381 bleh112 clothes414160 dress39961 female919037 frown21822 lidded eyes26317 male309599 man bun50 mare420863 megaradash210 rainbow dash always dresses in style1527 raised hoof39872 royal guard7075 royal guard armor687 royal guard zephyr breeze97 smiling218313 sound6929 stallion94214 webm10402


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Background Pony #BAC2
Exactly how I feel about him and every other dude the peanut gallery suggests for her.
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Background Pony #D4B1
i feel like Ashleigh always wanted RD to be hit on, no matter who it's from.
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
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Artist -

^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
The bird got caught in the hair net!! I REPEAT, the BIRD has been gone CAUGHT In the hairdresser’s hair net!
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Background Pony #76BE
Rainbow Dash: Give me Soarin, Big Mac, Heck even Spike, but I will not sleep with Zephyr ever!
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