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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3

I forget her name but she started as a pony-pony. Yellow-ish body, blue-ish hair. I'm pretty sure Tiarawhy animated her a couple of times.

The point is she's a mare who lives her milk. :o
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Twilight's figuring out how to move the stick across the narrow bridge.
Officer Hotpants
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The Bravest Coward
I've said it before but I just love how they've pulled out all the stops for the last season. "Memes? Throw 'em in! Horrifying, excruciatingly painful death by melting? Go for it!"

Speaking from an animator perspective, i applaud DHX and company for pulling the 360 shift work incredibly hard to do and finicky to execute properly i'm blown away to even see it done in flash
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When your character has put more thought into it than you trying to hide your political affiliations.
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Actual Horse
I love just how much the animation improveed since season 1. This is great. I love this show. 👺👌
Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
I wonder how hard this was to animate…. Like have they secretly had quesi-3D model assets actually in their flash program somehow, or did they seriously have to do this frame by frame?