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safe1614591 edit122999 edited screencap59206 editor:secrettitan45 screencap210658 night light2100 shining armor22073 twilight sparkle288158 twilight velvet3978 pony882236 unicorn284806 sparkle's seven1600 comparison4139 cute186075 dc comics1325 dc extended universe19 dcau8 dceu4 discovery family logo11536 female1285258 filly61556 filly twilight sparkle2476 glowing horn17689 magic68375 male343470 man of steel30 meme79577 report card19 sad23150 shining adorable523 shining armor is a goddamn moron148 superman614 superman the animated series6 teenage shining armor20 teenager4434 telekinesis25614 twiabetes10827 unicorn twilight14336 younger15957


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