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Prinzessin Helga Kathrin von Marebrucht-Trotzschloss:

When I say "Fire!", you will fire! When I say "Charge!", you will slaughter the enemy! When I say "Assault!", you will immediately destroy that fort, and you will ensure that there won't be any single living thing near the ruins of the fort!


Soldiers: Ja, meine Fürstin!

Prinzessin Helga Kathrin von Marebrucht-Trotzschloss: Sehr gut, meine Soldaten. The Austrotian forces are approaching. Return to your positions!

Soldiers: Ja, meine Fürstin!


Here she is; the Prushhian princess, Helga Kathrin von Marebrucht-Trotzschloss. Due to the illness of her father; the King of Prushhia, she is commanding the royal army.

Only the fiercest soldiers could have the honor to be her bodyguard in battle.

This is a depiction of mine of an in-game unit from Empire: Total War, which can be seen here:

I used two separate screenshots from the show to draw this vector.

Kathrin belongs to me.

Empire: Total War is a copyright of Sega and The Creative Assembly.

MLP: FiM is a copyright of Hasbro. I don't own them.
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