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This is my first time coloring my sketch in Photoshop and I have to admit it's really messy lmao. I'm also trying to get used to draw on the graphics tablet. It was kinda difficult at first, but after I put it on my lap, somehow everything's just works like magic. However, I still prefer using the conventional pencils & paper to sketch, but I can work with tablets for the coloring process. That would be best of both worlds I guess

Anyways, I've been a fan of this OC since last year. Her backstory sure is something!
Delta Vee by ShinodaGE
Reference: https://www.deviantart.com/shinodage/art/Delta-Vee-659055117

Scanned with Brother MFC-78600W at 1200 ppi
Edited and colored with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
safe (1502010) artist:calveen (62) oc (566888) oc:delta vee (501) pegasus (212912) pony (779162) chest fluff (28925) clothes (381974) colored sketch (2345) female (826261) floppy ears (43826) folded wings (3636) glasses (50643) looking at something (2047) mare (375056) mixed media (303) shirt (18890) signature (16558) simple background (316258) sketch (55817) sketchbook (261) traditional art (103478) white background (79053) wings (61373)


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