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Twilight Sparkle is watering growing green sprout. Lineless version of >>2016895
safe1709641 alternate version45701 artist:xbi777 twilight sparkle300728 alicorn225076 pony970673 cheek fluff5587 chest fluff39258 cute200293 ear fluff29673 eye reflection661 female1366001 glowing horn19710 gradient background12670 hooves17880 horn67724 levitation12138 lineless3825 looking at something2608 magic73415 mare482142 open mouth146472 plant2107 pointy legs36 reflection3182 smiling249401 solo1066348 spread wings54863 sprout43 telekinesis27807 twiabetes11796 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123848 watering71 watering can426 wings107965


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