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Appleslosh Drive Pt. 5

A teasing Dash arrives

Contribute to AJ's gain here, deadline for her gain will be Monday night

I'll post a reminder when I post the next part that day

Remember every Coffee donated (3$) is 15 pounds for AJ Donate 5 at once (15$) and I’ll add 25lbs extra to make it 100lbs
suggestive148252 artist:graphenescloset692 applejack173131 rainbow dash238390 pony1009297 series:appleslosh drive11 amplejack146 applebutt4539 applefat562 belly29518 big belly12040 burp2068 cider2597 cider inflation34 fat22640 female1400641 hay1628 high res32474 hoof on belly297 huge belly3978 huge butt10313 impossibly large belly10810 impossibly large butt7422 incentive drive244 large belly1131 large butt17978 morbidly obese8101 obese11873 plot82026 rear view12766 smug6254 squishy2620 stomach noise3322 stuffed1728 stuffing1271 tankard292 that pony sure does love cider71 that pony sure does love drinking9 the ass was fat14236 too fat107 weight gain4433 weight gain sequence857 window8914


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Steamy the Brony
Artist -

I know it's not ended yet. It's just a figure of speech. I meant I was sure she would get an obese, noisy and full of cider belly, sooner or later and potentially before the end.

And BTW… She got it faster and soonner than what I thought. XD