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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Drama in the comments
It's been quite the decade.

Whatever happens with G5 (Isn't that planned 2021 movie supposed to be for G5?), I just hope they keep Derpy Hooves around.
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Everyone can buy it! I primarily chose 2010-2019 because of S9 being the end of the gen this year, and I wanted to make something to commemorate it. I definitely don't want them to be thought of as a weird "badge of honor" for being there some Day 1 or something. Hell, I didn't start watching until a little bit after S2's premiere, so don't feel bad that you weren't there at the beginning. Whether you've been here for nine years or nine months, friendship is timeless! ✌️

Sunset is Best Girl

Okay awesome, one more question.

Is this meant to celebrate the beginning and the end of the series, or is it meant for certain elite members of the fandom that have been here since Season 1 started airing back in 2010?

No judgment, honestly. But if this was manufactured only for people who started watching back in 2010 then unfortunately I can’t buy one.
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It's true Friendship will never get all. And that's the truth. Let us all keep up the good work and Brony on Forever. Friendship is always magic.