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safe1727781 artist:tjpones3188 princess cadance32801 princess celestia95865 princess flurry heart7378 princess luna99947 twilight sparkle303207 oc698180 oc:baby-o1 oc:booko1 oc:moono1 oc:princess horsey1 oc:the noid1 alicorn228628 anteater17 pony987974 :c557 :d1229 :t3814 alicorn pentarchy112 anteater impersonating a princess1 crown17496 dialogue66579 eating9796 female1382057 flurry heart riding cadance20 food71544 frown23265 hoof hold8436 jewelry65760 lineart20847 looking at you172253 magic wand604 mare491357 meat1913 monochrome150984 open mouth149999 peetzer122 pepperoni433 pepperoni pizza418 pizza1972 ponies riding ponies2478 pony hat425 regalia20589 riding7555 simple background401404 smiling254464 talking to viewer2827 that pony sure does love pizza120 the noid6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124947 wand1316 wat19371 white background100361 why the long face46


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Go fsck yourself
@Background Pony #1715
IIRC, he's supposed to represent everything that stands between the peetzer shop, and you getting your peetzer, in under 30 minutes. To that extent, Cady (and her love of peetzer) most definitely earns the nickname of 'Noid'.
Background Pony #E6D4
I am pretty sure that an anteater is impersonating at least one of the Princesses.