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When the villain is a non-magical filly with no special powers, the CMC could probably have solved the entire S8 finale issue alot sooner by taking a direct approach.
safe1687721 artist:banquo0186 edit130323 apple bloom48958 cozy glow7275 scootaloo50939 sweetie belle48639 human152658 clothes452643 dress43860 golden wind54 guido mista23 humanized99171 jojo's bizarre adventure2755 krusty love26 leone abbachio14 midriff19140 narancia ghirga23 reality ensues400 spongebob squarepants2911 spongebob time card146 violence567 winged humanization8621 wings103499


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Background Pony #62CB
Don't the CMC also lack any special powers related to fighting?

Cozy can at least fly.