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safe1616048 artist:cheezedoodle96823 silverstream5655 classical hippogriff4642 hippogriff8799 uprooted947 .svg available7838 adorasexy8876 alternate hairstyle25693 clothes426143 cute186307 diastreamies1151 dream sequence28 feathered fetlocks416 female1286412 flying35586 goggles13372 hippogriff wonderbolt7 jewelry55310 lidded eyes28225 looking at you152636 necklace16425 non-pegasus wonderbolt9 raised eyebrow6312 scene interpretation8112 sexy26613 simple background361322 smiling224586 smirk11566 solo1003960 spread wings49662 svg3344 transparent background187194 uniform9743 vector72760 wings87828 wonderbolt silverstream7 wonderbolts uniform5555


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Those periods weren't exactly the days of free movement of peoples.

Besides that, just looking at demographics, creatures immigrating as opposed to visiting is an exception to at the very least societal norms. Most of the change in this relatively isolationist world occurred after Twilight showed up in Ponyville.

At any rate, the main point is that since the Wonderbolts are technically a part of Equestria's military, she'd probably have to actually immigrate to Equestria first, at least for practical purposes.

Now that I think about it, considering griffins send representatives to Equestria such as delegates and athletes for the games and go to their flight schools/camps, what's stopping them from already producing the first non-pony Wonderbolt? The answer to that might be on topic here.
Artist -

you are thinking WAY too hard about this buddy, it's a show with magical talking horses and creatures, I'm pretty sure she could become a Wonderbolt as long as she passed some sort of qualifier test, none of this legal stuff you're talking about
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So your headcanon is that Equestria set up an open borders agreement with its new allies more or less simultaneously alongside becoming allies in the first place.

Griffinstone definitely has this kind of relationship with Equestria, having formed it over the course of multiple treaties spanning well over a millennium, but the hippogriffs have an equivalent diplomatic relationship after a song, the downfall of a mutual enemy, and a friendship education opportunity.

That level of diplomatic achievement does explain the confidence to put Twilight in charge asap. Apparently she accomplished more in less than a decade than Celestia could in centuries, at least diplomatically. Comparative national security records seem like more or less an even split that eventually favors Twilight.
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I think it's a pretty big leap to assume Equestria has things like passports and visas, or that the Wonderbolts have entry requirements other than "can fly fast."

Travel seems to be pretty much at-will and legal residency seems to be "where your house is."
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The biggest obstacle to this (besides age since that changes with time) isn't even that she's a hippogriff, but that she's not an Equestrian resident. She's there presumably on a student visa and living in dorms doesn't in and of itself effect her legal residency, which is currently on Mount Aris.
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… I know that that was not your intention, but the way you phrased that comment almost made it seem like you don't think that Italians are humans.

I mean, if a human being half-Italian is being compared to a hippogriff being half-pony and half-griffon…
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What are you talking about? This show shipping is so strong with these two that there no it isn't already cannon.
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aka Summersong

Right, and pegasuses live in the sky, so what??

A seapony isn't like a prairie dog (which isn't a dog at all). It's half-pony. Heck, a hippogriff is the bebeh of a horse and a griffon, ergo, they're half-pony the way a human can be half-Italian or w/e.