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Most of my drawpile medleys featured ponies. Here is a selection of all the pony-related sketches scattered across the 3 or 4 drawpile events I've participated in the last few months
safe1657102 artist:leavingcrow62 idw14896 king sombra13402 queen chrysalis33980 radiant hope465 twilight sparkle293964 oc654256 alicorn214905 pony921452 umbrum1060 drawpile97 female1320334 hope98 hopebra126 male356740 shipping193826 sketch60717 straight131656 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120981


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i'm vava
Nice work
He said that the crystal heart of sombra saw that the monster was king sombra, so she believed ,that now siege of the crystal empire saved him sombra, the monster is king sombra.