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Easter Boys our Bunny Boys?
Long time i don't draw Twilight Boys well coming Easter i draw this…
safe1585902 artist:urhangrzerg107 flash sentry11940 pinkie pie204337 sci-twi21807 sunset shimmer57508 timber spruce1822 trixie62864 twilight sparkle283707 equestria girls182846 equestria girls series29228 armpits41355 bubble berry1485 bunny suit2189 clothes414449 costume24798 crossdressing8398 easter1203 equestria guys988 geode of telekinesis2441 glasses55177 glowing hands250 holiday15676 magical geodes7055 male325073 midnight sparkle2367 rule 6325073 sunset glare263 tristan235


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Background Pony #15DD
Hmmmmm. Maybe, at least here, Midnight has befriended Twilight, and helped her prank the boys with the resulting reactions in the image. I can tell that Midnight and Twilight is getting a kick out of this.
Twilight: speaking to Midnight Thanks for the help Midnight.
Midnight: No problem Twily.
Twilight: Oh you!
The boys: staring at Twilight's eyes
Midnight appears next to Twilight
The boys: jaws drop open
Twilight and Midnight: both smirk and speak simultaneously You boys are such easy prank targets! tee-hee
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