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Commission for Blissey.

Younger Twilight didn't think that spell would quite work out like that.
safe1588376 artist:silfoe1551 princess celestia90508 twilight sparkle284664 alicorn197944 lamia1811 original species23250 pony855683 snake2421 snake pony541 unicorn271087 book30752 commission53771 cute180742 cutelestia3241 danger noodle57 dialogue60993 female919007 floppy ears46863 frown21822 gradient background10958 gray background6041 gritted teeth10439 hoof fluff1191 lamiafied265 leg fluff2533 looking back49761 mare420858 messy mane7174 monster mare679 oh no224 ophidiophobia22 panic837 raised hoof39870 scared9439 shrunken pupils2522 simple background349472 snakelestia20 species swap18354 speech bubble20783 spell gone wrong298 spellbook261 surprised8182 tail20000 this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon248 transformation9890 unicorn twilight13203 wide eyes16285 wing fluff1455


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Background Pony #C29A
Isn't there episodes of Twilight afraid of snakes? Probably caught her in mid-freak out.
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