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Been wanting to do a colored take of these two.

For Trixie, I had tried going for a skin tone that could be read as both Arab and Italian, but my attempts at such wound up looking more Trump than exotic, so I eventually said screw it and went with the ol’ "ambiguous brown" deal.
safe (1427777)artist:catstuxedo (232)starlight glimmer (37950)trixie (55999)human (130656)boots (16021)bowtie (7261)cape (7621)clothes (355254)dark skin (3364)hat (64644)horned humanization (5771)humanized (87976)leotard (3634)magician outfit (413)misleading thumbnail (855)pantyhose (2913)shoes (24026)top hat (3199)trixie's cape (2874)trixie's hat (3532)


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