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safe1555584 artist:ta-na198 fluttershy195780 starfish221 equestria girls177410 adorasexy7812 armpits41196 beach12449 belly button66087 clothes401050 cute173627 diving goggles101 flip-flops860 geode of fauna1284 jewelry49050 magical geodes6515 necklace14752 one-piece swimsuit3803 rock3853 sandals3716 sexy22928 shore103 shyabetes11134 snorkel386 solo959445 swimsuit24211 thighs7624 wet6894


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@Background Pony #C586
I mean, it's Fluttershy. Would you blame them? Sure it's the least revealing, but you have to admire the idea that they at least gave her something to wear that shows her curvature. Her sweet, divine, hourglass, thicc hip curvature….
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Background Pony #C73D
Reads the comments; This is Hasbro's fault for not giving her a Swimsuit.
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