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Crescent Shine

Crescent Shine is her mother made over in all but coat color. She's nervous, nerdy, and prefers the company of the stars and her books rather than another living thing. Crescent is fascinated by the moon and it's inhabitants and wants to be able to see it firsthand one day if she could ever gather the courage she would ask Queen Luna about her encounter with the creatures. Many believe there is no such nonsense and much of Canterlot ignores the filly with her head either buried in books or up in the clouds. Crescent has a hard time being in the crowded streets of the city and is often pushed, shoved, or walked all over. Moon Dancer holds out hope that Crescent will be able to find a friend like Twilight was for her and bring the young filly to see the beauty of being present in the real world but Moon Dancer and Star Bright support their daughter's love and Star Bright often brings Crescent into his work at the observatory which she adores more than anything.

Iridium Chalice

Iridium Chalice may smile pretty and play nice when the media or influential ponies are around but she's quite the snarky, gossipy bitch that believes herself to be the top of the gene pool just because of her (parent's) money and her lessons in class and high society. She's ruthless to those she deems beneath her status and won't treat the help kind unless she needs something unorthodox or special then she'll lay on the charm and grace real thick. Fleur and Fancy secretly feel like they failed their child not being able to save her from the cutthroat world of upper-class canterlot society. They often trail after apologizing for her icy behavior, Fleur, in particular, feels ashamed knowing she unhappily played the role of the upper-class lady until it broke her and Fancy helped build her back up into a mare she wanted to be. Iridium though loves the life and limelight and doesn't see anything wrong with her behavior, she's better than other creatures and most other creatures and they need to know it.


Starburst simply loves life and thinks the world of living and experiencing what the world has to offer. She's constantly seen with at least one other creature for company and rarely ever stays in one place for long. She's exceptionally good at making others feel included and is always down to try out new things, and has helped many other ponies find their cutie marks simply by talking them into trying something new. She's a shining ray of light and will almost always draw attention to herself simply by being so happy and comfortable. Her best friend is Pinkie Pie and Skystar's only biological child, Pink Promenade. The two are very excitable dorks who always act as if they've been apart for 100 years when it reality it's probably just been 10 minutes. They are rarely seen apart and more often than not with one of Pink's many siblings. They often get into mischief around town simply by not thinking through the consequences or outcomes of one of their adventures.

Pink Promenade

Pink Promenade has no shortage of joy or energy to share with the world and it seems to be a personal mission, quite like her mothers', to make sure everyone is happy! She seems to have inherited both Pinkie and Skystar's energy and wonder for new things and she loves all her crazy, colorful siblings and wouldn't change her family for the world. There's only one way to anger Prom and that's by hurting her friends or family and then all bets are off. She may be tiny but she's got the heart of a sphinx and will fight beak, claw, and hoof to defend those she loves. She finds a kindred spirit in Starburst and the pair spend their life traveling and taking up the world on anything it's offering. Pink's favorite activity is dancing and planning said events under Pinkie's guiding hoof. During the summer, Pink and Starburst volunteer at the camp Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo started up as fillies, they always bring new and fun events to the camp and both adore working with the kids.
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